Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, October 19

why-good friday-alopecia 
morcheeba-let me see-parts of the process
nightmares on wax-soul purpose-in a space outta control
sofa surfers-sofa rockers-strictly dub modern dub classics

bogan via-tes-wait up
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra-clint eastwood-hits the hits
sing sing-lover-sing sing and i

sun kill moon-grey ice water-tiny cities

heatmiser-half right-mic city sons
zero 7-futures-the garden
beach house-walk in the park-teen dream
bogan via-copy and paste-wait up

azure ray-displaced-azure ray
band of horses- the funeral-everything all the time
grimes-be a body-visions 
bloc party-this modern love-silent alarm
ryoksopp-sombre detune-the understanding 
the maccabbes-toothpaste kisses-colour it in
kate earl-can't treat me that way-kate earl
eastern sun-rapture at sea-in emptiness

brandnew-jesus christ-deja entendu 
bill withers-aint no sunshine-just as i am/still bill 
ben taylor-glory box 
ben taylor-i try

morcheeba-undress me now-parts of the process
feist-honey honey
handsome boy modeling school-i've been thinking-white people

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