Friday, December 7, 2012

Playlist 11/30

Jetty Rae - Drowning In Grain - frayed ends
Night Moves - Colored Emotions - colored emotions
The Amazing - Gentle Stream-gentle stream 

Social Studies - Developer - you still laughing
band of horses-monster (caller requested!)
stop-kickball (another caller requested!)

taken by trees-other worlds-horizon
the luyas-animator-montuno
Mac Demarco - 2 - Captured Tracks-my kind of woman-
Tilly And The Wall - Heavy Mood - i believe in you

bat for lashes-the haunted man-deep sea diver
those darlins-screws get loose-screws get loose
velvet underground-hey mr. rain (caller requested!)

The Amazing - dogs-Gentle Stream

andrew bird-hands of glory-orpheo
desaparecidos-the latter-man and wife
beach house-bloom-other people
why-alopecia-good friday
cat power-sun-cherokee
cortney tidwell -dont let stars keep us tangled-eyes are the billions
the xx-coexist-swept away
all india radio- all india radio-rippled
battleme and the forest rangers-light

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Playlist 11/23/12


cat power-sun-sun
dog is dead-teenage daughter-all of our favorite stories
cheyenne marie mize-friend-before lately
jonquil-history of headaches-point of go

blonde redhead-my plants are dead-penny sparkle
lower dens-nova anthem-nootropics
fanfarlo-tunguska-rooms filled with light
whistle peak-sailor-louisville is for lovers anniversary 

monster ralley-siberian girls-deep sea ep 7
lambchop-gone tomorrow-mr.m
the antlers-i dont want to love- burst apart
angel olson-acrobat-half way home

neko case-deep red bells-blacklisted
port st willow-amalwalk-holiday
city and colour comin home-sometimes
Sharon van etten-serpents-tramp

la sera-break my heart-sees the light
temper trap-need your love-the temper trap (someone called in a request!)
why-simons dilema-alopecia
the radio dept.-it's personal-pet grief

beach house-walk in the park-teen dream
panda bear-i'm not-person pitch
dum dum girls-coming down-only in my dreams
morcheeba-blindfold-parts of the process
azure ray-rise-as above so below

Friday, November 16, 2012

Playlist 11/16


lovespiral-try to forget-5 years of chillin

joshua worden- southbound crane- the withered tree

flight facilities-clair de lune (feat. Christine Hoeberg)-Sunday Night Chill

charlotte gainsbourg- the operation-5:55

telepopmusik-love can damage your health-genetic world
lemongrass- bonjour-maison a la mer

nouvelle vague-in a manner of speaking- nouvelle vaugue
cortney tidwell-missing link-don't let the stars keep us tangled 
emiliana torinni-me and armini-me and armini

funk-blue monday-for sleepyheads only
grizzly bear- yet again-sheilds
lower dens-rosie-twin handmovement

diiv-how long have you known?-oshin
youth lagoon-afteroon-the year of hibernation
morecheeba-howling- who can you trust?

skye-call me-hollywood mon amour
purity ring-obedear-shrines
dirty projectors-about to die-pitchfork
twin shadow-i can't wait-forget

wild nothing-chinatown-gemini
the xx-missing-coexist
lemongrass-feel good-lounge du soleil

Friday, November 9, 2012

Playlist for 11/9/2012


the xx-try-coexist

ryoksopp-ryoksopp forever-junior
the xx-missing-coextist
bogan via-kanye-wait up

band of horses-detlef schremf-cease to begin
azure ray-new resolution-hold on love
my morning jacket-the bear-the tennessee fire
nada surf-inside of love-let go

nouvelle vague-bella lugosi's dead-bande a part
saint etienne-mario's cafe-so tough
doves-spellbound-kingdom of rust
sigur ros-hippolla-Takk

zero 7-in the waiting line-the simple things
all india radio-let me remain-fall
beach house-troublemaker-bloom
school of seven bells-iamundernodisguise-alpinisms

taken by trees-day by day-east of eden
the maccabees-glimmer-given to the wild
cat power-manhattan-sun
the maccabees-child-given to the wild

neko case-tightly-blacklisted
blonde redhead-love or prison-penny sparkle

Friday, November 2, 2012

Playlist for 11/2


bogan via-copy and paste-wait up
band of horses-detlef schremph-cease to begin
nada surf-do it again-the weight is a gift
ryoksopp-forsaken cowbooy-senior

nada surf-what is your secret?-the weight is a gift
feist-honey honey-the reminder
fafa-jboogie mix-vieux farka toure

the luyas-fifty/fifty-animator
my morning jacket-master plan-it still moves on
city and colour-the girl-bring me your love
the xx-heart skipped a beat-xx

neko case-star witness-fox confessor bring the flood
the luyas-the quiet way-animator
neko case-i wish i was the moon-fox confessor brings the flood
cat power-peace and love-sun

the doves-black and white town-some cities
feist-the limit to your love-the reminder
feist-how my heart behaves
beach house-trouble maker-bloom

the album leaf-perro-a chorus of storytellers
the blonde redhead-not getting there-sparkle
skye-feel good inc.-gorrillaz cover
taken by trees-day by day-east of eden

nouvelle vague-i melt with you-nouvelle vague
autolux-bouncing wall-transit transit
nouvelle vague-let me go-nouvelle vauge
band of horses-no ones gonna love you-cease to begin

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 26


band of horses-detlef schremph-cease to begin
ryoksopp-the alcoholic-senior
band of horses-no ones gonna love you-cease to begin
beach house-lazuli-bloom

morcheeba-undress me now-charango
beach house-on the sea-bloom

the maccabees-glimmer- given to the wild
ryoksopp-tricky two-senior

bogan via-afternoon wonderland-wait up
why-good friday-alopecia
why-fatalist palmistry-alopecia
bogan via-copy and paste-wait up

control freq-sweetest day- more by control freq 

the xx-basic space-the xx self titled album
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra-kiss the sky-voices and choices
why-simeon's dilemma-alopecia 

cat power-manattan-sun
boyce avenue acoustic cover-sombody that i used to know-i tunes
bat for lashes-the wizard-fur and gold
my morning jacket-master plan-it still moves on

jose gonzalez-love will tear us apart-other songs i-s
kate earl-can't treat me that way-kate earl
beach house-troublemaker-bloom

ryoksopp-the girl and the robot -junior
azure ray-the devil's feet-hold on love

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, October 19

why-good friday-alopecia 
morcheeba-let me see-parts of the process
nightmares on wax-soul purpose-in a space outta control
sofa surfers-sofa rockers-strictly dub modern dub classics

bogan via-tes-wait up
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra-clint eastwood-hits the hits
sing sing-lover-sing sing and i

sun kill moon-grey ice water-tiny cities

heatmiser-half right-mic city sons
zero 7-futures-the garden
beach house-walk in the park-teen dream
bogan via-copy and paste-wait up

azure ray-displaced-azure ray
band of horses- the funeral-everything all the time
grimes-be a body-visions 
bloc party-this modern love-silent alarm
ryoksopp-sombre detune-the understanding 
the maccabbes-toothpaste kisses-colour it in
kate earl-can't treat me that way-kate earl
eastern sun-rapture at sea-in emptiness

brandnew-jesus christ-deja entendu 
bill withers-aint no sunshine-just as i am/still bill 
ben taylor-glory box 
ben taylor-i try

morcheeba-undress me now-parts of the process
feist-honey honey
handsome boy modeling school-i've been thinking-white people

Friday, October 12, 2012

Playlist for Week 2 of Fall Quarter


ryksopp-sparks-melody am
why-fatalist palmistry-alopecia
doves-caught by the river-the last broadcast
why-good friday-alopecia
why-simeon's dilemma-alopecia 
bat for lashes-the wizard-fur and gold
my morning jacket-master plan-it still moves on
the maccabees-heave-given to the wild
ryoksopp-the fear-senior
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra-kiss the sky-voices and choices
azure ray-the drinks we drank last night-the drink we drank last night
the blonde redhead-23-23

bogan via-copy and paste-theory of defiance
the macabees-grew up at midnight -given to the wild
morcheeba-blue chair-dive deep

hammock-you lost the starlight in your eyes-chasing after shadows
bogan via-being light-bogan via
the luyas-fifty fifty-animator
explosion in the sky-your hand in mine-the earth is not a cold dead place

fafa-jboogie mix-vieux farka toure
beach house-lazuli-bloom
neko case-star witness-fox confessor brings the flood
band of horses-cigarettes, weddings-cease to begin

Friday, October 5, 2012

Playlist for First Show of Fall 2012 Quarter


morcheeba-moog island-parts of the process

lila lui-if we are to survive-buddha sounds III: chill in tibet
bonobo-days to come-days to come
all india radio-lo fi groovy-permanent solutions

midlake-roscoe (beyond the wizards sleeve remix)
zero 7-destiny-simple things
patrick ohearn-beyond this moment-so flows the current
the xx-vcr-the xx

phantogram-when I'm small-eyelid movies
the xx-try-coexist
beach house-used to be-teen dream
nada surf-weightless-lucky

grimes-crystal ball-darkbloom
massive attack featuring tracey thorn-protection
city and colour -little hell-little hell
autolux-transit transit

feist-honey honey
god is an astronaut-sucide by star-all is violent, all is bright
theivery corporation-language symbolique-den of thieves
robert glasper experiment-smells like teen spirit-black radio

bat for lashes-the wizard-fur and gold
band of horses-the end's not near-the oc mix:covering our tracks
my morning jacket-master plan-it still moves on
ryoksopp-the fear-senior

shawn lee's ping pong orchestra-kiss the sky-voices and choices
tv onthe radio-young liars-young liars
the macabees-precious time-colour it in
the xx-infinity-the xx

boyce avenue acoustic cover-sombody that i used to know-i tunes
azure ray-the drinks we drank last night-the drink we drank last night
 the blonde redhead-23-23

Monday, October 1, 2012


morcheeba-undress me now-charango
band of horses-on my way back home 
control freq-sweetest day- more by control freq 
the xx-basic space-the xx self titled album

the maccabees-toothpaste kisses-  colour it in 

nada surf-always love-the weight is a gift  
neko case-hold on, hold on-fox confessor brings the flood
neko case-don't foget me-rhapsody

morcheeba-rome wasn't built in a day-fragments of freedom 

david gray-please forgive me-white ladder
sigur ros-e-bow-inni
band of horses-knock knock-mirage rock

the xx-vcr-the xx
the postmarks-let go-the postmarks
the alum leaf-we once were two
thievery corporation-sweet tides

cinerex-heavenly-the ultimate chillout colletion
city and color-the girl-bring me your love
all india radio-lucky-a low high
zero 7-in the waiting line -simple things

telepopmusik-smile-genetic world
god is an astronaut-no return-god is an astronaut
the maccabees-ayla-given to the wild
tony lucca-baby one more time-the voice
sigur ros-popplagid-inni 
azure ray-sleep-drawing down the moon
beach house-myth-beach house
8mm-give it up-opener

tv on the radio-dlz-dear science
the blonde redhead-in particular-melody of certain damaged lemons
bat for lashes-wilderness
the postmarks-goodbye-the postmarks

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sub Playlist


band of horses-detlef schrempf- cease to begin
bright eyes-first day of my life- i'm wide awake its morning
bon iver-blindsided-for emma forever ago
the xx- infinity-xx

robert glasper experiment-smells like teen spirit- black radio
telepopmusik-breathe- genetic world
city and color-the girl- bring me your love
morcheeba-otherwise- charango

 my morning jacket-phone went west- at dawn
 azure ray-don't leave my mind-drawing down the moon
 band of horses-the funeral- everything all the time
ride-here and now-other songs a-u

all india radio-let me remain- fall
nada surf-neither heaven nor space-let go
the blonde redhead-my plants are dead- penny sparkle
my morning jacket-sec walking-evil urges

zero 7-the road-yeah ghost
sigur ros-milano- takk
hooverphonic-magenta- blue wonder power of milk

thievery corporation-tomorrow- the mirror conspiracy

sigur ros-gong- takk
god is an astronaut-forever lost-all is violent
my morning jacket -the day is coming-cirtcuital
beach house-myth- bloom

morcheeba-blindfold- blindfold
tv on the radio-staring at the sun-desperate you blood thirsty babes
hooverphonic-out of tune-blue wonder power of milk
this mortal coil-several times-baby ray baby

neko case-i wish i was the moon- blacklisted
thievery corporation-33 degrees- radio retaliation
ryan horne-terrible tommy- the whistler and the majestic
cinerex-shine- CX

doves-one of theese day-some cities
sun kill moon-carry me ohio- ghosts of the great highway
bat for lashes-moon and moon- two suns and several moons
band of horses-no ones gonna love you- cease to begin
8mm-give it up-songs to live and die by